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High quality footwear, kind to the planet

Buying a pair of shoes can make a difference, this is why we work responsibly. We want to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

Woody collection

Cheerful, colorful and warm, it wants to leave a positive imprint. Design, comfort and sustainability never separate.

No compromises

Sustainability is an ever-evolving journey. We like to innovate and look for new materials to improve our impact on the environment.


We prefer natural fibers but use regenerated synthetics when they have a performance and durability advantage. Sustainability, for us, means making shoes that will walk for a long time. It means walking in a special way, making conscious and intelligent purchases.

Eco microfiber leather

an alternative to animal leather

Regenerated nylon

for scuba upper


for the insole

Bees wax

To finish the wooden insole

Green EVA

for the outsole

Recycled cardboard

for packaging

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