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Our insoles are made from light and resilient Linden wood sourced from FSC® certified forests. With natural thermoregulatory properties, they provide a relaxing sensation akin to walking barefoot. The anatomical, antistatic, and non-slip design activates a massage effect, correcting posture and improving circulation.


he soles are light, flexible and highly cushioning, thanks to the use of an expanded resin obtained from sugar cane grown in southern Brazil in an ethical and responsible way.

Vegetable waste becomes new certified bioplastic. A precious, fully renewable resource that does not require irrigation and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows, thus reducing the CO2 content in the air.


Our footwear features Eco Microfibre Leather, a sustainable alternative crafted from recycled plastic bottles. It’s versatile, resilient, and 100% vegan, offering style and ethics in one package.


Our scuba uppers are made from regenerated nylon, a high-performance eco-sustainable textile fiber obtained from recovered fishing nets and fabric waste. Embrace fashion that cares for the planet.


Experience the velvety comfort and natural brilliance of our wooden insoles, hand-polished with a coat of beeswax. Enjoy the balsamic effect on the sole of your foot.


If we use leather, we make sure that it is free from harmful substances and that the manufacturing process has a low environmental impact according to European standards. This means that we only use leather with organic tanning that occurs through the use of natural tannins, without the use of heavy metals and therefore is absolutely safe even for the most sensitive subjects suffering from allergies.


Our boxes are not only beautiful and useful for storing your favorite items but made of 90% recycled cardboard in order to save water and limit CO2 emissions, one of the main causes of climate change.

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