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Here is our story

Zero Lab is an Italian brand, born in Bologna, from an idea of Marco Michelacci, in the footwear industry for over 30 years. The project is based on the idea that each of us must contribute to creating and leaving a better world than we found it.

Our name tells the will to have zero impact [zero] and the research [lab] that characterizes us.

Zero Lab wants to have a positive impact on the planet. We work tirelessly to find new sustainable materials. We use them to produce shoes, comfortable and with a refined design, for those who appreciate a strong style, look for comfort and share the values of the brand: always protect Nature and walk in total freedom. A step towards a greener future.

A positive print

Zerolab wants to make a contribution to society and leave a positive footprint. How ?

By creating value, in an environment where honesty, transparency and vision for a better future  are concrete ways of doing business. With products that contribute to being better and feeling better about yourself.

We promote a more aware and respectful purchasing philosophy. We want to create a network of people who want to change things starting with small purchases.

More transparency
less impact

We design the shoes in Italy and design them with few materials to facilitate recycling. We produce in high-end factories in Europe and Asia.

We carefully select and choose suppliers who share our code of conduct.

We support fair and safe working conditions, personally checking the companies we work with, with regular visits and constant comparisons, to make cruelty-free and recycled footwear.

We motivate our partners to use more sustainable materials and find ways to reduce waste by improving packaging and logistics. We work together to achieve our goal: to produce durable, quality footwear without compromise or cruelty.

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